Is it possible to be Happy at work?

Posted by Rebecca Le Vine on Apr 24, 2019 11:57:33 AM

I have to talk about what happened last Saturday.

At a meeting I was attending, I was chatting with some of the other attendees while we waited for it to start. As it goes with small talk, I was asked what I do. I said that I was a Work Relationship Healer and I had written a book titled Work Hurts: 3 Steps to Healing Your Relationship with Work. 

One of the attendees asked “Is it possible?” Before I could respond, the woman asked again, “Is it even possible to have a good relationship with work?”  I barely had the chance to eke out a resounding “Absolutely” because, as luck would have it, the meeting started. 

This woman was so raw when she asked her question. She truly did not know the answer. Clearly, she had not experienced a good relationship with work and therefore, could not conceptualize such a thing. 

If she and I had a chance to speak further, I would have explained why and how it is possible. Since I never got a chance to answer her question, I am going to do so in my blog. 

Why Authentic Expression leads to Healthy Careers

This is what I would have said: “Is it possible to have a healthy relationship with work? Yes it is. I harbor no doubt about this fact. Let me tell you why.

Simply, we are meant to have a good relationship with work. Work is our avenue for authentic expression. Having a healthy relationship with work should be the norm. Unfortunately, we as a society, have gone a bit off the rails when it comes to understanding how to design a relationship with work that serves us, that meets our needs, allows us to achieve, and feel fulfilled. Basically, we have to get back to the beginning, start again and do the work to heal our relationship.”

To have a healthy relationship with work, to make Work work for you, you need to be working in alignment with your gifts and talents. Being in alignment is the foundation for a career that fulfills you, challenges you, excites you, and rewards you.  But you must take the first step by uncovering your gifts and talents.

What is ironic is that this exchange happened at a writing club meeting. The woman I spoke to has already found something she enjoys doing: writing.

 Identify your Gifts and Foster Alignment 

If I had a chance to work with this woman, writing is where I would start. I would ask her to close her eyes and see herself writing. It doesn’t matter what she’s writing or who she’s writing for, etc.  None of that matters. What matters is the feeling she has when she is expressing her gift for writing. I would have her visualize herself writing, and meditate on how good it feels to be doing so. 

I can guarantee you one thing. After feeling the pleasure that comes from expressing herself in a way that makes one feel whole and complete, she would have chipped away at some of her disbelief. She would be closer to believing that it is possible to have a healthy relationship with work. 

Alignment breeds Happiness at Work 

When we get a taste of how good it feels to be in alignment, we are going to chase that feeling. We naturally desire more of it, and we’re going to start looking for ways to be in alignment with our gifts and talents. 

Yes, it is possible to have a healthy relationship with work. I’ve written a book that details how to make that happen. I would say to anybody who is wondering if it is possible – now is the time to identify your gifts and talents so you can begin to transform your relationship with work. 

Start by answering three questions 

  1. What am I here to give?
    1. What talents am I here to give?
    2. What gifts do I possess that I can share with others?
  2. What is in my heart that needs expression?
  3. What is missing from my current professional life? 

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